Preserving eternal   
 values and increase.

Preserving eternal   
 values and increase.


What makes an investment in precious metals and/or in “Strategic Eternal Value” a good idea?

Have you already noticed how the prices have been rising during the past few years? The biggest “enemies” of wealth have always been inflation and taxes. Precious metals have always proven to be “safe havens” in uncertain times. When inflation rises so do the prices of precious metals. This protection against crises and inflation in combination with the tax exemption of “Strategic Eternal Value” makes an investment in precious metals so attractive and more and more valuable for the future!

So is the concept “Strategic Eternal Value” actually secure?

Even in the Bible one can read “for one ounce of gold, there were 350 loaves of bread”. This still holds true today, in times when paper money is printed in ever greater quantities. Since the beginning of history, gold, silver, platinum and palladium have always retained their value. The risk of a total loss, such as exists with other types of investment, is thus virtually ruled out. Other security elements, such as the monitoring of the application of funds and the annual checks of the stocks by independent auditors are firmly established procedures which are carried out regularly.

Are the stocks and the money flows monitored?

The precious metal stocks are annually tested by an external and thus independent auditor. The partner company (see security concept) checks the payments from the special account for customer payments.

Why are my stocks free from flat rate withholding tax, income tax and value-added tax?

The profit from the purchasing and sale of physical precious metals is not regarded as incomes from capital assets and all profits are therefore exempt from flat rate withholding tax and income tax for private persons resident in Germany. Moreover, no value added tax is incurred by purchasing, storage and sale in bonded warehouses.

So how flexible is the concept “Strategic Eternal Value”?

You can have access to or sell your precious metals at any time. By informing SWM AG you can sell parts or the entirety of your stock at short notice and have the amount transferred to you. You can also have your bars delivered insured to your home.

Is it a good idea to also buy precious metal stocks on a monthly basis?

By making monthly purchases you are continually increasing your stocks of precious metal bars. You are also disengaging from fluctuating purchase prices, as you add more grams to your stock in phases when the purchase price is lower (see Cost-Average-Effect).

What does it mean to have the “advantages of an institutional major investor"?

“The greatest profit lies in the purchase”. Old businessman’s rule. Because we buy at “bulk prices” and pass on these price advantages, even customers who only want a small investment can also enjoy these advantages.

It is therefore guaranteed that even the instalment investor, from €50 monthly, benefits from the precious metal prices for institutional major investors.

Does the quality of the precious metals vary?

The precious metals purchased for you correspond exclusively to the “Good Delivery Standard”.

How and where are the precious metals stored?

Your precious metals are stored in the high-security safe of the bonded warehouse in Embrach (Switzerland), Embrachport, 8424 Embrach.

Is the gold price not too high?

Compared to what? There have never been such high quantities of paper money, which will inevitably lead to inflation and price increases, including for precious metals. Permit us to ask the counterquestion; “Is the price of petrol not too high? Do you believe that the petrol price will fall or rise over the medium and long term?”

What are the advantages of spreading across gold, silver, platinum and palladium?

Gold has always been a currency and a means of insuring assets that can be fallen back upon in times of crisis. When the economy is picking up, industrial metals such as silver, platinum and palladium are more attractive than gold, as one can easily observe in long-term charts. It is therefore a good idea to react to the different economic and crisis phases with different weighting of the precious metals.

Can I have access to my assets at any time?

Yes, the customer can request the partial or total paying out of their precious metals at any time. The existing assets are then paid out in the desired currency according to the wishes of the customer. A pay-out before the elapsing of the contract period can be financially disadvantageous. Of course, the customer can also have their stock physically delivered to their home.

Is there a separate account for me as a customer?

All payments of the customer are made to a separate account of SWM set up for this purpose. The payments for the precious metal purchases are made from this special account with the deduction of the agio. Apart from this, the setup costs owed are debited from this account. The account details of the special account are sent to the customer in the welcome letter. Payments can be made by transfer or standing order. Dispositions over the customer’s special account are subject to the four-eyes principle together with a German auditor.

“The important thing is not to predict,
but to be prepared for the future.”

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