Preserving eternal   
 values and increase.

Preserving eternal   
 values and increase.


Think of your future.

Our • One-Million-Euro product is
straightforward, particularly effective and crisis-proof.

Worthful provision does not have to be expensive.
Our product is sustainable and ensures a secure future. Because life is constantly in motion – and the requirements for provision change along with this too.

However you shape your life plan:
Our One-Million-Euro product – your investment in precious metals – gives you freedom for future projects.

Here is an example:
With €100.00 monthly, the possible result after a period of 40 years is a total amount of €1,180,000.00 euros

The sample calculation is based on an assumed increase in value of 12.66 % per year.
The value increase can in future turn out to be higher or lower.
The sample calculation is cost-neutral.

According to present laws, the yields from the One-Million-Euro-Plan are tax-free. Due to the acquisition of precious metals in physical form, profits from your raw materials management – other than with most funds and certificates – are also exempt from flat rate withholding tax. No value added tax arises from the keeping of silver, platinum and palladium in free trade zones. Gold is exempt from value added tax.

  • In 2021, SWM AG was awarded the seal TOP Precious Metals Savings Plan Plan in the Precious Metals Services Test of the SIQT

Your product advantages:

  • Genuine, crisis-proof material assets
  • Inflation-protected store of value
  • Spread across various precious metals
  • Institutional conditions
  • Cost-Average-Effect
  • Constant market observation by experts
  • VAT-free (19 % more precious metals due to VAT-exempt purchasing)
  • Withholding-tax-free
  • Exempt from income tax after 12-month lock-up period
  • Redeemable in any currency around the world
  • Physical delivery possible
  • Insured storage (high-security safes/free-trade warehouses)
  • Available/sellable at any time/flexible handling
  • Favourable cost structure
  • Loyalty rebate (increase) up to 18 %
  • Annual free value information
  • You are the 100 % owner of the physical precious metals
“He who would like to take steps safely, must take them slowly.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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