Preserving eternal   
 values and increase.


Assets must be secured.

SWM AG takes care of this.

Our “SWM AG security concept”:
this consists of a range of security measures which combine to produce the desired protective effect for our customers. We take our services for the securing of investments with precious metals just as seriously as their purchasing and sale. As a responsible company that has also asserted itself on the market for the long term with its convincing advantages, we see our actions holistically.

Securing of precious metals:
Our customers’ gold, silver, platinum and palladium is under the supervision of an established Swiss security firm. The precious metals are stored and secured in high-security bonded warehouses near Zurich in Switzerland. Customers can access their stocks at any time. Their assets can be paid out at any time in the currency of their choice or in gold.

The SWM AG services for consistent security:

  • Your stocks of precious metals are separate from the assets of the companies active on your behalf. This gives complete insolvency protection.
  • The precious metal supplier supplies precious metals exclusively from audited and renowned refineries which meet the London Good Delivery Standard. entsprechen.
  • The six eyes principle is always adhered to when the high-security safe is entered. Upon entry, the following people must be present: One representative of the operating company of the high-security safe, one representative of a Swiss security firm and one representative of the precious metal supplier.
  • In addition to securing the storage, the Swiss security company is also commissioned to make a report at regular intervals to an independent, external auditor about the volume of the stored precious metals.
  • The auditor checks the total stocks. Every year, after the elapsing of the first calendar year since their purchase, the customer receives the audit report together with the statement.
“Gold and silver possess an inner value that is not arbitrary.
It is dependent on its scarcity and the quantity of work that is dedicated to obtaining it, and it lies in the value of the capital invested in the mines that bring it forth.”

David Ricardo, British economist