Preserving eternal   
 values and increase.

Preserving eternal   
 values and increase.


Our customers can achieve
their personal aims with SWM AG.

We are your reliable partner on this road.

Our services offer our customers exactly what they would like. Whether it be a • large or small amount • widely spread precious metals or • the targeted purchase of a particular precious metal. Our customers can create the framework fort their personal aims, this is our philosophy. We are personal contacts and maintain a transparent service, because it is important to us that our customers can convince themselves of the physical presence of their precious metals in our high-security warehouse and of their increase in value on the basis of our validated information.

The precious metal stocks (gold, silver, platinum and palladium) are quoted on the basis of various experts.

The precious metal selection and the point in time of purchase require, in addition to knowledge and experience, a developed network that we have grown for ourselves in many projects.

Our system consists of strategy and safety.

Stratetic Eternal Value

Inflation protection – protection against what? One might be surprised that SWM AG puts inflation protection first in its recommendation to acquire precious metals. Although the current rates of price increases in Europe are still low, experts think this might change. In particular, the unrestrained printing of money by the European …


The Cost-Average-Effect is an effect that arises from regular purchasing with constant sums. With this method, fluctuations in value mean that the purchaser, on average, purchases their precious metals at a lower price than if they were to regularly buy the same amount at varyingly high prices ...

Security concept

Our “SWM AG security concept” consists of a range of coordinated security measures which combine to produce the desired protective effect for our customers. We take our services for the securing of investments with precious metals just as seriously as their purchasing and sale …


Securing of precious metals: our customers’ gold, silver, platinum and palladium is under the supervision of an established Swiss security firm. The precious metals are stored and secured in high-security bonded warehouses near Zurich in Switzerland. Customers can access their stocks at any time ...

“The average gives the world its continuance,
the extraordinary its value.”

Oscar Wilde
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